About us

In 2008, two years after the foundation of PSE,  students from APE and PPD masters -later to be joined by EDCBA- realized they should strive to form long-lasting bonds and create a space for helping and relaxing with each other :

Synapse was created !

How and with who we work

Synapse was created as a French loi 1901 association and is entirely managed by voluntary students, with financial help from PSE and partner institutions.

Synapse also has to rely on membership contributions to bring forth ambitious events, so if you want to help us make PSE student life ever better,  don’t hesitate to join us and become a member .

We work closely with the PSE administration and form a link between PSE students and other associations such as Alumni PSE.

Our goals

 Synapse  has two main goals.

First, its objective is to organize parties and cultural events in and outside PSE to promote a «school spirit» and increase students’ occasions to meet and share good times together.

But that’s not all :  it also has the ambition to be a complement to the formations provided at PSE. The goal is to strengthen the relationships with Alumni, and to build great opportunities (internships, round tables…) for students at PSE and their future professional paths.

What we do
The activities of Synapse vary from year to year and depend on the specific needs voiced by its members, as well as the motivation of the board
For the year 2018-2019, Synapse has focused on the following :
  • Organizing social events for PSE students to meet each other and relax
    • The team has tried to come up with a range of different activities to meet the tastes of all the students : parties, sport tournaments and yoga sessions, movie nights, hikes, conferences and round tables…
  • Opening opportunities for future employment 
    • The  Job and Internships along with the Alumni units are involved to offer great opportunities to PSE students to guide them in the building of their professional paths
    • The team organizes : 
      1.  Visits to major institutions (such as Lazard Sovereing Advisory) allowing students to learn more about the profession and its actors
      2. The development of a Professional Survey (filled in by Alumni, M1, M2 and gap year students) that makes it easier to research jobs and internships for all the students
      3. The strengthening of the relationship with the Alumni Association at PSE. The goal is to aggregate in a readable and transparent way the information about the existing PSE Network
      4. Along with the administration, key events such as the Job Forum that will bring together students and representatives from both the public and private sectors 
  • Providing support for foreign students 
    • The team publishes every year a Student Guide with the aim of helping foreigners navigate through their new French life, and can provide guidance for specific administrative procedures (yes we know everyone hates French admin) 
  • Being an active link between students and the administration
    • Synapse provides help to the administration in organizing important landmarks of student life such as the welcome week or the graduation ceremony, and can bring the concerns that span across masters to be better tackled by PSE 
  • And also…
    • Synapse strongly supported the creation of a platform for students to express their ideas : the 48 newspaper
    • Bringing about great merch for proud PSE students
    • The association is always very happy to consider students initiatives such as partnerships with other associations