Housing solutions

Housing in Paris is a student nightmare: the city is rather expensive, and the PSE does not provide student housing. Nevertheless, there are some organizations that provide student housing assistance. You can also improve your chances of finding housing by contacting your embassy, consulates, and all kinds of social networks or religious circles.

Student accomodations

Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris (CIUP) – Website 

Housing at the CIUP is organized in « houses », which are generally linked to a country or a school. If you are a citizen of a country or a member of an organization who has its own House of residence at the CIUP, apply directly to that house. If there is no house for your country or school, you must fill out an online application form that will be automatically sent to the department in charge of housing at the CIUP.

Deadline to apply:

There are no deadlines for submitting a request; the CIUP accepts new residents throughout the academic year. It is in any case important to note that the requests for September each year must be completed from April to the same year. Whatever the result of your application, you will be notified by e-mail, to the electronic address given in your request for accommodation. It is therefore essential that you give an address which you check regularly.

For APE and PPD masters:

PSE has a partnership with Maison des Provinces de France (MPF – http://www.ciup.fr/maison-provinces-france/). Each year 14 rooms are pre-booked for our students. Priority is given to new PSE students coming from developing countries. Eligible students will be notified via email in July.

Location : 17 boulevard Jourdan, 75014 Paris (5-10 minutes walk from our campus)

Rent : it varies from houses, for a regular room it is around 600€ per month

Further links : Information on applications here ; Apply here ; FAQ page

CROUS – website

Paris Student halls are also available via the CROUS. They are spread in Paris and Ile-De-France. This is a public institution. Its goal is to welcome foreign students, provide social help, catering and housing for students and provide access to cultural events.

Who is eligible :

  • French students that are grant holders, accepted or enrolled in an institution from the Académie de Paris
  • Foreign students that were awarded a grant from the French Government (handled by Campus France).

Deadline to apply:

To request a room, you should fill up the online application file (called DSE – Dossier Social Etudiant)

Usually, applications starts on January 15 and end on May 31. Applications might re-open in September is there are rooms still available.

Location : Ile de France (Paris & surburbs) (see the map here)

Rent : around 300€ per month (more expensive if you get a flat), varies according to the students’ hall

Further links : How to fill up the DSE (in French), Apply here



Estudines residence halls offer functional apartments and services. They propose studios to two bedroom units all furnished and/or fully equipped. To access this accommodation, it is advised to provide a guarantor (not necessarily French), but it is not compulsory.

Note that you will need to get insurance for the flat.

There are no specific deadline to apply.

The closest to our campus are:

Paris Davout: website

Rent: from 819€ per month (30-40 min by transport to get to the campus)

Paris Ivry: website

Rent: from 750€ per month (20 min by transport to get to the campus)

Other (private) students’ halls

Two websites are directories to all students accommodations available in Paris (and other cities of France). You can book a room through those website or you will be directed to the right contact/website if it is not possible.


The closest to our campus are the following:

Résidence Irène Jolio Curie : website

Studéa Rive Gauche: website

Univercity Porte d’Italie: website

Many others are available close to our campus.

I Student Accommodation – website

Besides the directory to the accommodations available, you will also find useful information and advice on settling in France.

Accommodations available: shared flats, rooms, flats

Price: from 500€ to 1000€ (depending on the accommodation and the location)

Centre de Logement des Jeunes Travailleurs, étudiants et stagiaires – website

This is an association that aims at providing accommodation to young workers, students and interns. To be eligible, you should be aged between 18 and 25 years old.

Closest residences:

Didot: website

Location : 41 rue Didot, 75014 PARIS (20 min walk from the campus, or 15-20min by public transport)

Rent: 586€ per month

Pointe d’Ivry: website

Location: 30 rue de la Pointe d’Ivry, 75013 PARIS (35min walk from the campus or 15 min by public transport.)

Rent: from 395 to 557€ per month

FIE – Foyer international des étudiantes – website

It’s a Foyer for women only from October to May. From June to September, men are also accepted.

Who is eligible?

Women, aged between 18 and 25, full time students in universities in the Paris Region (while filling out the application, you should inform that you are enrolled at the EHESS or Paris 1 according to where you register – do not mention PSE as it is not a public university)

Rent: from 430€

Location: 93 boulevard Saint-Michel, 75005 Paris (35 min walk form our campus, 15 min via public transport.)

Rent a flat in Paris

Renting a flat in Paris can be quite expensive and an administrative nightmare (you will need strong guarantor to find one easily). Do not hesitate to look in the surburbs close to PSE, rent is cheaper (Gentilly, Arcueil, Cachan, Montrouge, Bagneux, Malakoff, Le Kremlin Bicêtre).

Here are several website dedicated to students:

Other general website:

  • Particulier à Particulier : this website is for owners that do not want to rent their flat through an agency. The advantage is that you avoid paying fees and you get to talk directly to the owner. (French only)

  • Le bon coin like Particulier à Particulier, with this website, you will be able to rent the flat directly through the owner (but be careful, agencies also put the ad on this website)

  • Se loger.com (French only)

  • Spot a home: online booking platform, agency that helps you communicate with the landlord if you do not speak French)

Flat sharing

Rent a room in a flat is usually easier than finding your own flat. And less expensive. Here are several websites to help you find a room to rent.

Stay in a French family

  • Home stay in Paris (from 35€ a night)
  • le Paris Solidaire this is an association that proposes intergenerational solutions: you get a room in an senior’s house this solution is cheap and helps seniors that tend to be alone throughout the year.