Prepare your arrival


Housing in Paris is not cheap: the city is rather expensive, and PSE does not provide student housing. Nevertheless, there are several organizations that provide student housing assistance. You can also improve your chances of finding housing by contacting your embassy, consulates, and all kinds of social networks or religious circles.

Most importantly, do not wait the last minute to look for an accommodation!

For masters students – long term stays

Searching for housing from outside the country can be difficult. You won’t be able to visit properties and make fully informed decisions. It may also be difficult, from a distance, to persuade a property owner to let you sign a rental contract or convince him that you have someone who will guarantee payment of your rent.

For these reasons, many international students choose to find temporary housing for their first few weeks in France. They use that time to look for a more permanent arrangement.

Find all the useful information we could get on this page.

For summer school and executive education participants – short term stays

Accomodation in Paris in the summer can be particularly expensive. We advise you look for a place to stay as soon as you confirm your spot at PSE.

For summer school participants, PSE pre-book several rooms at the Cité Internationale Universitaire (CIUP), which is 5 minutes’ walk from our campus. If you wish to get one, contact us as soon as possible. We will distribute the rooms on a first come first served basis.


As soon as you secure your spot at PSE, we advise to contact the relevant French embassy or consulate of your country to know if 1) you will need a VISA or any documents to present on your arrival in France and 2) what is the process to get it.
Rules vary according to the length of your stay, and the country you are coming from.

Note that we do not have special arrangements with the OFII (Office Français de l’Immigration et de l’Intégration); you will need to do all the steps to get the VISA on your own. However, if there is any information that you do not understand or if you need specific papers from us, do not hesitate to contact us.

Also, there is an OFII office at the CIUP (5min walk from our campus) with administrative staff that speaks fluent English. They will be able to help you in all the administrative process and answer your questions.
Where can you get the application forms for visa and further information?
You can go directly see the France Diplomatie website.
From there you will be able to download VISA application forms or get further information on the requirements regarding your home country.

For masters students – long term stays

You will need to get a VLS-TS (visa de long séjour valant titre de séjour). It is valid for one year. At the end of your first year (if you enter in M1) you will need to renew it. We will be able to issue the necessary documents for this renewal (certificate of enrollment, grade transcript…)

You will find all the usefull information here regarding the VLS-TS visa.

For summer school and executive education participants – short term stays

To attend the summer school or an executive education program, you may not need to apply for a VISA as they may be automatically granted upon arrival in France. The stamp on your passport will be the 1st day of your 90 days visa. This short stay visa is also called Schengen visa.

To see if you need to do any visa application before coming to France, you can check this dedicated page on the Campus France website.

Health Insurance

For masters students:

France provides Health Insurance for students. The system works as follow: in exchange of a payment, the health insurance will reimburse 70% of most health care costs.
For non-EU students, this health care system is compulsory. EU students are exempted as long as they provide a proof of health care coverage from their home country valid in France for the entire academic year.

Students under 28 years old:
The student health care insurance is available for student under 28 years old. For the 2016-2017 academic year, the cost of the student health insurance was 261,10€ for masters students and 396,10€ for PhD students.
You will be asked to subscribe to it upon your administrative registration for the master program.

Students over 28 years old:
Unfortunately, the students’ social security will not be available to you if you are over 28 years old. However, you will be able to apply to the CMU (Couverture Medicale Universelle). This is a long process, and they will ask for proof that you have actually stayed for 3 months in France (rent receipts or utility bills) so you will not be able to start applying for it as soon as you arrive.
There hold office hours at the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris (CIUP) to help you through this time consuming process.
On this blog, you will be able to find usefull information regarding the CMU.

For short term stay students:

For short term stays, the French system does not provide health insurance. You will need to get one through private health insurance or make sure that your insurance is covering you in France.